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Specialists in domestic cleaning

We provide Domestic Cleaners for all types and sizes of houses.

  • We have a staffed office from Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700
  • We vet every cleaner thoroughly. We are continuously advertising for cleaners, and after a telephone interview we meet them in their own home so we can fully validate their ID and personal domestic circumstances.
  • Finally we take up two references.

Only 1 in 50 applicants successfully makes it onto our register of domestic cleaners.

After talking with you on the telephone we will arrange to come out and meet you in your own home. This will give you the opportunity to meet us face to face, and allow us to give a more accurate estimate of how long it will take to clean your house.

We will also answer any questions you have about our cleaning service. If you then go ahead with us, we will look at your requirements and the days you want and allocate a cleaner for your house. Within a few days the cleaner will call you directly and come and meet you, again in your own home. This is your opportunity to make yourself at ease with your new cleaner. If for any reason you are not entirely comfortable with your new cleaner, we will happily send you someone else. You are in full control of the process, and we are on hand immediately should you have any questions.

Once you have agreed the final details with the cleaner, they will arrange a start date with you.

Owner Profile

Profile pic of Stewart Dods

Hi, I’m Stewart, the owner of Cleanhome Cardiff.

As a busy family man with a working wife and two daughters I appreciate how challenging it is to free-up quality time to spend on the important things in life.

This is where Cleanhome can help, by taking over those domestic cleaning duties and giving you back some of that quality time – and we can also do any ironing you may have as well!

With the increasing demands of modern life and the need to juggle so many things, a cleaner is now something of a necessity to many people to enable them to spend more time with their family and friends.

At Cleanhome we pride ourselves on being a local business which provides a superior and tailored service. We will meet with you to discuss your specific requirements before matching you with a suitable cleaner. For peace of mind, all our cleaners are interviewed in their own homes, ID and reference checked to ensure they meet our high standards and only then if I would be prepared to allow them to clean my own home, would I consider assigning them to one of my clients. You will have the same cleaner on every visit who will get to know you and exactly how you like your house cleaned.

So, if you think that sounds like a service that could benefit you, give me a call now on 0800 772 3430 for a chat on how Cleanhome can help you free-up more time to do the things that matter most to you!

Thanks / Diolch,


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